Plug Into Peace - Soul Purpose Meditation

Plug Into Peace - Soul Purpose Meditation

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Online Healing Meditation Class 

You cannot find your soul purpose from your mind. You cannot think 'what is my soul's purpose' and get the answer. It is only when you connect to your soul that you can begin to get the clarity and certainty you are looking for.  This truth is not taught in school or at home. This is a wisdom teaching that few, up till now, have been privileged to know or understand. 

Amrita Anjani has a passion and purpose to share sacred knowledge with the world, in a way that normalises the mystical for everyone to access and understand. You need not be on a spiritual path, or have engaged in any form of spiritual or holistic study to attend this class. You need only be open to accessing the gift of wisdom that is already within your own heart, to activate the co-ordinates for your soul's purpose. 

This class is fully guided and will connect you to your soul. The meditation is led by Amrita Anjani, a soul purpose mentor and guide. The meditation is anchored in high vibrational energy to assist you to clear away all blockages and limiting beliefs that are holding you back in your life, career, relationships and business. It is only when we purify our mind, emotions and physical pain that we can sit still enough to connect with the quiet of the soul. 

Class Details:

  • 60 minutes weekly class
  • Classes typically include: pranayama (energy activating breath), energetic healing, soulful guidance, and connection with your soul. 
  • Attendance is available live online. If you cannot attend live, a recording of the class will be sent to you.
  • A recording of the class is available for download after the class for all members.


Who Should Attend

This class is perfect for you if you are looking for:

  • clarity and direction around your soul's purpose
  • weekly support, guidance and energetic lift in your daily life
  • better relationships with your family, friends and at work
  • a tool to support you to calm your busy mind and clear away stress and anxiety
  • a soul mate
  • a deeper understanding of life and the blocks to the life you dream of
  • a way to access more peace, contentment and joy in your life and relationships.


Who Should Not Attend

This class is not for you if:

  • you have no desire to better your life
  • you do not wish to find greater happiness, peace, abundance in your life
  • are not ready for transformation or change that will line you up with your soul's purpose 
  • you are not ready to invest your time, money or energy to live your best version life 


"This class literally healed and transformed my relationship when I needed it most. It helped me understand myself, my partner and each other and accept it."- Derek, Self Employed Journalist, Sydney

"The meditation class has really allowed me to unblock and to truly understand my thoughts, beliefs and patterns. This has been truly enriching and you are guaranteed to walk away empowered and inspired" – Brett, Photographer, Sydney

"I think most people would benefit from this class as it provides a good balance of practical life tools with meditation tools. Anjani is fabulous, down to earth and very knowledgeable. Id recommend this class to everyone I know" – Anthea, English Language teacher, Newcastle


"The meditation classes will inspire you to ensure the relationships in your life serve you. It helps you interact with people on a much more empowered and conscious level." – Stephen, Media Marketing, Sydney

"Anjani  is an exemplary teacher. She is honourable and responsible and her guidance and knowledge could not be faulted. I would recommend that all people who want to commit to happiness and well being start their journey with this beautiful soul and this wonderful meditation course." – Annabelle, Lawyer, Sydney

"The course guidance by Anjani opens you up to a whole new world of self-discovery, empowerment and opportunity that keeps expanding and growing as you expand and grow in the world around you. "- Samantha, Makeup artist, Sydney