The Purpose Project

The Purpose Project

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12 Month Mastery Program Details 

Phase 1 CLARITY: Claiming Your Power

*Clearing out, Showing up and Getting it Going – get rid of the distractions and self-sabotage, and change your internal world for external success

*Stepping into Your Powerful Self – how to do it, what to drop to get it, and how to embody the power of courage to blast through your major confidence challenges

*Being Your Best Version – plug into and reclaim your full power to live the best version of you, your business and your life 

Phase 2 COMMIT: Getting On Your Potential Wave

*Commitment Power - The power of commitment to your own cause to create the container for your greatest potential to show up

*Super Charging Your Creativity - how to switch on your creative energy to write that book, start and finish your projects, and bring your life changing dreams into reality

*Yin Attraction – how to be a magnet to effortlessly attract everything you want, and then some!

Phase 3 CREATE: Realising Your Purpose

*Accessing Your Soulful Purpose – how to ‘tune in’ to your unique ‘soul signal’ and download the co-ordinates of your souls blueprint

 *Creating Your Design - design your life and vocation aligned with your blueprint

 *Reaching your final destination - landing your passion and projects into the world for a fully committed, motivated, and impassioned PurposeFull life

Who is this Mastery Program for?

If you:-

*would like to be plugged into a like minded network of conscious high achievers ready to make their mark on the world

* feel the change/ transformation already happening and would like a clear, structure and pathway to guide you to where you should be, what you should be doing and who you need to become to step into that

*are ready to kick your bad habits and self sabotage to create a life of purpose and meaning and make a difference in the world

*are ready to live your own life, on your own terms, and become a ninja with your energy, abundance, and life direction

*have always known you are here to contribute in a bigger way and are ready to get it going with the right support and guidance 

*feel you are missing out somehow in life and want clarity to get this back

*are looking to discover your message and get it out in the world

*have achieved good success and are now ready for greatness on your own terms, in your own flavour and by your own choice 

*have done some self help/transformational work and are ready to take the next step on your own personal transformation journey

*are ready to step out of your comfort zone and step into your full potential and power with absolute clarity around when, how and what

*are done letting those ‘safe excuses’ hold you back from your greatness

*are looking for a more solid foundation through daily power practices, for personal growth and success

*are ready to get help finding the time, money, energy and resources you deserve to create the life / business you love

*are ready to overcome your unconscious limiting fears and beliefs and create a resourceful, positive mindset for success

*are done with supporting everyone else around you, and are ready to get clear on your purpose, find your passion and drive and shape your life from this place

*are ready to step into your wildest dreams and have them miraculously manifest in your life  

*want to have a relationship and share your life with someone without sacrificing or losing the commitment to yourself 

*are in a job that is draining or unfulfilling and want to change paths but feel stuck and afraid and want guidance and strength to plot a route out

*are just starting out in your new PurposeFull business and want to make sure you get it off the ground with immediate success and the right message

*are already running your dream business and are looking to attract the money, clients and success you deserve

Who is this not for?

If you:-

*are not ready for change and transformation

*are healthy, happy and fulfilled doing what you are doing in your life and professional life

*are not ready to do what it takes to transform yourself into the person that can fully step into your PurposeFull life

*have no desires to take a risk on committing to yourself and live a meaningful life

*are not willing to invest time and money on yourself and your purpose to really live it

*are not ready for an adventure of a lifetime 

This Program is strictly limited to 12 persons

Program Commences March 2018

Program runs for 12 months

Terms and conditions apply