Mindful Executive Coaching

Mindful Executive Coaching

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Transformation Package

You are ready to change career, get that promotion, or are looking to deepen your expertise and promotion prospects at work. You have had some set backs along the way, some barriers, a glass ceiling perhaps. You realise that you now need help and guidance from an expert who has already been there, who can mindfully guide you to your own success story. You are ready to commit to your professional transformation. So lets get started! I’m excited to guide you to mindfully manifesting your dreams into reality. This 8 week journey of discovery and transformation will out leave you astounded by the positive changes and success stories that begin to manifest in your life and your business.

Professional Greatness Package

You have a longstanding career and a certain level of experience in your chosen field. You have already done a lot of work on yourself and in your professional life. You have had great success already, but you know, deep down inside of you, that there is more. You have way more to give, to offer in the world, to make a difference, to build better more conscious business and you are ready and open to new guidance and avenues of success to support you to stand fully and authentically in your power. This 13 week journey will reveal to you the untapped unlimited resources that are within you that, you never knew you had, to burst through those glass ceilings into your professional greatness! So what are you waiting for? Book now and lets get it going!