Natural Healing

Natural Healing

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You are wrangling with a life issue that seems to be getting the better of you. You may have a health issue, had a bad relationship break up, be dealing with grief, separation. You may be struggling financially, or with addictions. Addictions can take the form of abuse of work, food, consumerism, screen time, co-dependence, as well as substance abuse. These are all unconscious ways in which we self medicate to avoid a deep seated problem inside of us.

In these sessions I work on all levels of your body, mind and energy field. Did you know?...there is more to us than just what the eye can see. We have a physical body which, because we can perceive it with our five senses, is unanimously accepted in society. However, we also have an energy body (also known as our chakras and astral body), an astral body (all of our unconscious thoughts, beliefs and memories) and a soul or etheric body. These are the four dimensions in which we exist.  As a trained energy expert, I use my attuned inner senses to pick up the vibrations of all four of your dimensional bodies.

Did you know, that all di-ease begins at the more subtle energetic level and over time, if not healed or released, condenses into the more dense vibration of the physical body. 

These sessions assist with rapid transformation and healing of mental, physical and emotional wounds, limitations and blockages. The results are fast and effective and allow you to get on with your life healthier, happier and more fulfilled.

The type of healing I offer is ‘ignite your spirit’ and is aimed at doing just that. It is non-denominational, and works whether you have religious beliefs or not. This modality of natural healing requires only that you approach it with an open mind and heart.

Etheric detox: prevention is always better than cure, so a regular energetic cleanse is recommended for everyone. My vision is that etheric detoxing becomes as normal and natural as physical hygiene. Our society is in agreement that taking a shower at the end of a long day is good for us. The same principle applies for our energy bodies.

Book your energetic cleanse today and leave your limitations behind!