Ignite Your Spirit 1: Seminar

Ignite Your Spirit 1: Seminar

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Sunday 5th March and Sunday 19th March 2017 (Note: this is a 2 day course run over 2 separate Sunday sessions)

Attendance on both days is necessary to complete this course.


10am - 4pm (both Sundays)


Seaforth, Northern Beaches, Sydney. Address provided upon booking.

Course Content

Ignite Your Spirit is the foundation seminar of the Path of Ease and Grace series. It is a fascinating, grounded and practical opportunity to learn about your own energy anatomy and spirit.

The word 'spirit' can be a loaded term, but we know when we feel dis-spirited and when we feel elated. This program teaches you how you can have more conscious input into how that process occurs and how to direct your spirit back to happiness, health and well being from your life challenges.

Our energy body is part of our spirited nature and when we understand its workings and layout, then we are better equipped to learn how to look after it. We know much about our physical body, and yet so little is taught to us about our energy body, chakral system and spirit.

What You Will Learn

The chakral system, being the hardware of the spirit, and how the way you think and act has a profound affect upon your spirit.

How you are interconnected with all of life and how to direct the flow of what you experience in life.

What You Will Experience

Powerful guided healing meditations, that will replenish your energy through wonderful transmissions of light and grace.

How to anchor more vitality, and your own remarkable capacity for self healing.

A shift in your own conscious awareness that will bring about your own personal transformation during the program and in your life following on from the seminar. 

What Are the Course Outcomes

As you practice the specific and practical tools and techniques offered on this course, your own energy will be enhanced – something you are likely to notice straight away, with continuing changes in the weeks and months ahead.

This course will help you discover a deeper connection to your inner self and live with more ease, happiness, success and a sense of fulfillment.


Do I need to have a particular belief or religion to take this course?

This course is suitable whether you have a particular faith or religion or not. Everyone has a spirit and everyone has a heart. You simply have to be open to your own spirited nature.

Who typically attends this seminar?

There is always a wonderful mixture of all walks of life attending this program. From corporate leaders and managers, to entrepreneurs, and individuals from varied backgrounds.

Typically, our participants share a common and genuine eagerness to overcome their own particular life challenges that they are facing and often are struggling to deal with them by themselves.

Do I need to have already meditated to do this course?

Not at all. This is an entry level course and the course meditations are all fully guided.

What Do I Wear?

You can wear whatever feels comfortable to you for this course. We sit in chairs for the theory and the meditations.

What Do I Bring?

A pen and paper/journal to take notes. A bottle of water. A good sense of humour!


None. This is a Stage 1 seminar. All levels welcome.