Mindful Life Enlightenment Package

Mindful Life Enlightenment Package

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Mindful Life Enlightenment Package

20 x 60 minute sessions

You’re a soul on a mission! No more waiting around for the right event, the right set of circumstances or the right partner to come to you. You have dealt with your demons and you are ready to fully step into and blaze the light of your soul. This package will assist and guide you through deep levels of transformation to support to in discovering the truth of your soul path and purpose in this incarnation. 

This package involves regular weekly mindful and soulful mentoring to enable you to gain rapid transformation, awaken your spirit, and allow you to manifest the miraculous in your life!

3 Stages of Program:

Stage One: Becoming Aware.  You have reached the time of your life where you have achieved most of your external goals and life is going pretty good. Yet there is that inner voice that tells you there is something more for you in this life. You begin to notice external signposts, synchronicities, and start to see things you never noticed before . You cannot imagine what this means to you. You know you need something else out of life and wish the externals would change. This is the first step in becoming self aware and realised. This stage is designed to awaken you to your own truth. You will be given specific Meditation & Mindfulness Tools to use to delve deeper into your truth, to awaken your inner self, so you begin to not only see, but interpret and clearly understand the symmetries that are all around you. Great clarity can be achieved in this stage.

Stage Two: Becoming Present. As you become more aware, Stage 2 will guide you to unlock and use your new awareness to create your world in a much more mindful, and positively directed way. Stage Two is the place where you no longer need hindsight to see the opportunities presenting to you. As you approach this stage you advance to turning your life into something that gives back to you. Stage Two, involves learning Mindfulness Tools & Techniques that have you taking a much more active role in co-creating your life.

Stage Three:  Becoming Empowered.  In Stage 3, you become more acutely aware of your intuitive senses and your inner intuition. You now understand that you have a choice to get out in front of your life rather than have to learn from it. You will be taught how to direct your life with full conscious awareness to live from a place of empowerment. You will harness the power of your mind to consciously create a life that serves and fulfills you on all levels.