Stories of Transformation

Our graduates have affected great transformation with courageous action on their dreams to bring about the life they imagined. Curious how you can do the same?


I would like to say a huge thank you to Anjani for the amazing healing work you have given me over the last few weeks. You have changed my life!

I came to you having been unable to walk unaided or without extreme pain for many years. After just one healing session with you the pain in my left leg was completely healed! After my second session, all but a small amount of pain was remaining in my right leg. A third session saw all pain completely gone from both legs.

You have given me a new lease of life. I can now walk and do my life totally pain free. I cannot thank you enough. You are such a beautiful soul.

~ Maria B., Teacher

I thoroughly enjoyed the meditation course that you ran for us. You are a very good teacher and everything made so much sense to me. I now have a thirst to learn more about Holistic Health and Meditation and am looking forward to your other courses. It's even something I feel so connected to, and enthusiastic about, that I am thinking it's something I would like to pursue further. Thank you again, so much.

~ S. Mackintosh

One of the most influential and powerful healing sessions Ive ever had was with Anjani. The space was set beautifully. It felt comfortable and warm. What I love about Anjani is that she has amazing intuition. During the healing I had to deal with many emotions that came up and Anjani was able to really hold the space for this to be released easily and in a way that I felt completely safe. Anjani uses non touch healing therapy but even so I could feel the energy waves coming at me during the whole session. I had a very cleansing and uplifting experience. I felt that through the realisations I had during our session, another layer has been removed and my consciousness lifted

~ Ortal, Nutritionist

Seminars & Events

Empowering Relationships

This class literally healed and transformed my relationship when I needed it most. It helped me understand myself, my partner and each other and accept it.

~ Derek, Journalist, Sydney

Empowering Relationships

This seminar has really allowed me to unblock and to truly understand my thoughts, beliefs and patterns around my relationships. This has been truly enriching and you are guaranteed to walk away empowered and inspired.

~ Brett, Photographer, Sydney

Meditation Courses & Classes

I’ve been using the meditation tools at home and at work and its amazing how much of what I used to see as ‘challenging moments’ have changed as I now see what I can learn from them and evolve myself. In the 4 weeks I have been meditating with Anjani, I have started a new job. I am moving a step forward in my relationship with my boyfriend and my relationship with my inner child has got so much better. Thank you so much for your time, energy, wisdom and knowledge. You are changing the world!

~ Brenda, HR, Sydney

Anjani is an exemplary teacher. She is honourable and responsible and her guidance and knowledge could not be faulted. I would recommend that all people who want to commit to happiness and well-being start their journey with this beautiful soul and this wonderful meditation course.

~ Annabelle, Lawyer, Sydney

Keynote Speaking

Dear Anjani, A very big thank you for the great presentation. One of the objectives in putting the day together was to provide a session on ‘Looking after Yourself’, and your presentation met the objective and more. Looking at the feedback sheets for the day the staff were unanimous in praise for the session. I have included their comments and the end of this email. Thank you once again.


  • I found this to be fun and educational;
  • I had never heard of Ayurveda before, but could relate to it really easily and very keen to look into it further now;
  • Great to have a session where I can learn/understand myself. Great to have a session that people can learn from for better health and can make contact with a great practitioner;
  • Very interesting and have come away with some food for thought;
  • A wonderful presenter;
  • Very interesting and informative;
  • This was one of the most meaningful experiences I have had for a long time;
  • Something unique and different;
  • Absolutely fascinating and well presented.
~ Joan Wilson, Education Head