About Me

My Story

I am an entrepreneur, a visionary, a thought leader and a change catalyst. I pursue change and transformation, new learning and wisdom with avid enthusiasm. I am a seeker in the highest sense of the word. I am well travelled, read and honed in the principles of life and how to live it.

Humble Beginnings

I was raised a small town girl from South Yorkshire, in England. I have humble beginnings. I am the daughter of a shepherd and a nurse. I was born and raised in a large immigrant working class family. In my early years, I drove myself to achieve an incredibly successful career as a corporate and entertainment lawyer in the top circle law firms in the world. I flew around the world first class, negotiating million dollar deals. But, this kind of success was not my purpose in life.

Not satisfied with the life of a lawyer, I ditched my legal career and all 10 years of study to qualify, and started all over again. I have since built a life and business filled with purpose and vision with nothing but a passion, crazy dreams and a commitment to achieve a life worth loving, for myself and everyone I work with.

Through my mindful coaching programs, master classes, online courses, articles and individual session, I help people just like you to dare to live their dreams, step into their highest version of life, and create the transformation that their hearts desire.

One of the BIG questions I’m often asked is… “How did you get started in all this?”

I have always held a deep curiosity of all things beyond the current accepted limitations of human endeavours. I wanted to know more. About people, our human potential, why we are here, the meaning of life, the basic condition of humanity and our unbounded capacity for doing good in the world. From my earliest memory, I wanted to play my part in changing the world.

I also struggled to fit myself into one box. I am passionate about many things in life from entrepreneurship, big business and thought leadership, to poetry and writing, song writing, ancient scriptures, yoga, Sanskrit, spirituality, indigenous cultures, philanthropy, animal welfare, Ayurvedic holistic medicine, and health & wellness to name but a few. So the law just didn't fling its net wide enough for me.

Photo of Anjani Venusia

After a 16 year long career in law, I quit my job, sold my house and went to study all things natural healing, spirituality, yoga, entrepreneurship, coaching and mindfulness. Over time, I began to realise that there was a connecting factor in all of these pursuits. Me! And then, one day it occurred to me that I could actually do anything I put my mind and soul to. I realised that my life experience was a unique gift not a downfall.

So I started my own business and slowly built a coaching and healing business from grass roots and I never looked back. I made a conscious decision to have no plan B. To commit to my path and purpose and stand up in my life for the things that are meaningful to me.

It hasn't been all plain sailing. I had many a set back, loss, confusion, uncertainty and failures. But all these things have made me the person I am today. They helped me grow from the inside out my inner resilience, courage and tenacity. And its these skills that I offer to you today!

Success is measured by how we feel inside, not our job title

Successful people know their purpose, set real goals to get there, surround themselves with the people and tools they will need for their journey and are able to handle the detours where they come up with confidence and self assurance.

My many years of experience in working with individuals and businesses alike have taught me this.

The Healing Years

I suffered from 19 years of chronic food intolerances. After discovering Ayurveda the ancient "science of life" I cured what doctors and specialists could not. I now live a conscious life and assist others to do the same through various holistic modalities including ayurveda, energetic healing, and mindfulness coaching.

From my experience I know that dis-ease begins and ends with the mind. A physical illness is a secondary not primary cause of dis-ease. When we leading happy, content, purpose filled lives, we are healthy. When I see clients with physical aliments, I consider the person as a ‘whole’ to unlock the root cause of the issue and then look at building a program back to health with them with profound results.

I now live a conscious life and assist others to do the same through various holistic modalities including Ayurvedic Holistic Health, Energetic Life Training Programs, personal sessions, and Intuitive Business Coaching.

My Business

Anjani Venusia, was born from a determined passion to empower others to initiate the necessary changes in their life for inner harmony and outer health and wellbeing. I have done it, and anyone can do the same given the right encouragement, tools and support.

If you are reading this and have an area in your life you would like to change then get in touch, book an appointment to see me, hang out with my free resources, and lets work together to create transformational change in your life and the world at large!

Your Story

It starts with You!

When you decide to invest in your own potential you become the creator of your own life worth loving and a catalyst for meaningful change in the world!

Through commitment and an unwavering vision to make positive changes towards a better world, I am here to assist you to be change maker in your life and an unstoppable force for good.

Every journey of transformation and self-development begins with one simple act. A single choice in this moment, to do something different

It is no chance occurrence that you are reading this today. Finding me, means you have been searching and are ready to take the next step in your own journey of transformation to a life you love.

Photo of Anjani Venusia holding a small bowl

Whether you need help with: a health issue; are looking for your soulmate; want help with toxic relationships; clarity around your life purpose; creating success in business; or creating financial abundance; the next decision you make will either take you on that journey to recovery, expansion and growth…or to the same life you have been living for decades.

Every journey of transformation and self-development begins with one simple act. A single choice in this moment, to do something different is all that is needed. That first step.

With the help and support of my individual sessions, free content, online training programs and events — we are in this together, to make a difference to your life and the life of those around you. To help you build a life that you truly love. A life that is one of a kind, completely unique and brilliantly suited just for you.

I work with people across the globe from leaders, CEO’s, executives, entrepreneurs and mumtrepreneurs to people who were looking for more wealth, success, better relationships or a release from health issues, weight problems and addictions.

Whether you’re starting or growing your business or looking to make big changes in your personal life, I am here to guide you to reach the highest levels of your potential and create a life worth loving.

I hope you take that step with me. Ill be waiting to journey with you to guide you to manifesting your life worth loving.

With Love