Sacred Retreats

Our Pick
Outback Australia
Uluru, Kings Canyon, Kata Tjuta, Lilla Community
Golden Temple Peedam, Varanasi, Tiruvanulamai
United Kingdom
Glastonbury Tor, Somerset
Sedona, Joshua Tree, Mt Shasta California, Grand Canyon


The wisdom that we can learn from ancient cultures is as infinitely magnetic and spiritual as it is stimulating, symphonic and rewarding. 

“I wanted to do something with my life that gave me pleasure and absolute fulfillment as well as giving something back to the land and its people. Leading conscious retreats on sacred land is a labour of love” ~ Anjani


The Experience
There’s something on every grain of red, magnetic, majestic outback earth for everyone. In the vast, scorched, ochre stained landscape of central Australia, a morphology of feeling permeated Anjani’s soul.

Waking at 4am to cheat the blistering sun, the smell of the previous evenings burnt fire embers sends the pulse of life coursing through my veins. Rising from my swag, I dust off the red-stained earth from my boots. Body synapses fire waves of exhilarating nervousness and excitement in anticipation of the days climb. The stillness is thick as fog in the air....... Unfamiliar effervescent sounds and smells impress themselves upon me imparting the centuries aged wisdom generated by the indigenous caretakers of the land. As I gaze across the vast pastel stained expanse before me, I catch my breath being drawn in and slowly out of my chest and sense the dry dustiness stroking the tip of my nose. Standing on tip-toes, hand to brow staring up at the mountainous rock that is the days mission, a consciousness of feeling intoxicates me with its sticky hue. The damp morning air particles gently stroke my skin in this arid place of abundance… I feel as a euphoric child, sense the tender embrace of mother, I am daughter..sister. It would be no longer possible to ever return to the nothingness again” ~ Anjani


Self Discovery
Anjani invites on a journey of self-discovery on sacred Indigenous lands. Anjani uses her many years of experience running conscious retreats coupled with her expertise and knowledge of Indigenous communities, Self Awareness, Mindfulness and Holistic Health on her voyages imparting her knowledge and teachings to empower you to initiate the changes needed for the life you deserve.


Experiential Retreats
"Every experience is as individual as it is a defining adventure of self-discovery. We will take you to places you think as yet exist only in the imagination.  We all walk and talk but most of the time we are somnambulists. Our retreats are specifically designed to 'awaken' the full potential hidden within you" ~ Anjani


Conscious Travel

Close to my heart is my involvement and exchanges with indigenous Aboriginal people which I combine with these expeditions in an innovative way. An exchange of wisdom has a power that can only be experienced not talked about.

The first time I ever visited the outback of Australia, I knew I had found my spiritual home. I met my now business partners "Remote Tours" who have been offering authentic tours for schoolchildren for decades in and around indigenous lands of Australia.  Soon after meeting team Remote Tours, we establish a charitable foundation, the 'Lilla Foundation'  to give back to, and support, Indigenous Communities.

10% of all profits from our Concious Retreats are donated to the Lilla Foundation. If you are interested in 'giving back', check out the Lilla Foundation website for more details or Contact Me for further details.