A Sacred Retreat
Anjani has been facilitating retreats to sacred places for the last decade. A sacred retreat is a rare opportunity for you to stop the world, step out of your daily grind, and access the magnificent and miraculous that is already within you.   Life is busy. Its hectic. You want change to come, you want to heal, you want to find great love or greater success, but you lack the time and energy and focus.   We cannot create great change in our life doing the same thing day in day out. It is only when we stop, take time out, and journey back to the self, that we can discover our unique limitless capacity to heal and shift beyond our own constructed glass ceilings.

"A sacred retreat is a super  highway to transformation"

 Self Discovery

To engage in a process of self discovery on a sacred site is like taking your entire lifetime's worth of schooling in one week. It is a super highway to the untapped powerhouse within you. It is an opportunity for major transformation and evolution of your life, your life path and your purpose.

Sacred Sites

To engage with your internal process of transformation on a sacred site allows you to access your highest potentiality.

A sacred site is a place on the planet that has been cultivated over millennia to maintain a hold on the sanctuary of life. Any site, place or even building or home has the potential to become sacred. But without constant nurturing, offerings, ceremony, celebration and love of the people inhabiting a place or site, the potentiality of it is lost. It becomes dull and lifeless. The same applies with our own connection to our soul. Left unattended, it withers and shrinks until it is almost lost to us.

To engage with the highest version of our self at a site that is already charged to its full potential of limitless energy though regular activation and engagement, assists us to rapidly activate our own intrinsic ascension. There is little effort required for maximum gain and awakening potential.


Our retreats are not holidays. Yes we take you to incredible places across the globe. Yes, we see the sites and engage authentically with the locals. Yes we take you into places that are not accessed by regular tourists. Yes, we offer that much needed 'time out' from your life schedule. However, we travel as soul seekers. We engage you with the essence of your soul to unlock your fullest potential through an awakening process.

Our retreats facilitate an awakening process. To do this takes focus, mindfulness, meditation, purification, and awareness. To facilitate this, we facilitate daily programs of guided meditations, group lift sessions, daily healing to guide and assist you to tune in to your own higher sensory perception and create life affirming quantum shifts in your old belief patterns that hold you back from your genius consciousness.


As adults, we often train ourselves out of our innate sense of joy and freedom. Our retreats help you return to that place of openness, vitality and creativity. We assist you to access your joy principle. That place inside of you that knows truth, ease, momentum and happiness. We have lots of fun and build strong bonds of connectivity with our fellow seekers on our journeys.

When we authentically 'show up' with the people around us, we create deep joy, relief, fun and connections with others that last a lifetime.

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