As a presenter, teacher and coach, I offer live events, programs and seminars throughout the year in both Sydney, Australia and London, England.

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Finding Peace in the Corporate World - weekly meditation class 

Venue:  Suite 0203, 2 York Street, Sydney CBD

Time: 6pm - 7pm  | Cost: by self assessment |Level: appropriate for all levels | Drop in class



2017 Program Series: Path of Ease & Grace

Seminar Details

The Path of Ease and Grace is a life foundation course consisting of 9 seminars. 

There are 3 stages to this foundation course.

Stage 1 – Spirited and Empowered

Ignite Your Spirit is the first seminar series in the Path of Ease and Grace seminar series. It is a fascinating, grounded and practical opportunity to learn about your own energy anatomy and spirit.

Ignite Your Spirit 1
Learn how we are interconnected with all of life through our energy centres. Experience powerful guided healing meditations, and let your energy be replenished through wonderful transmissions of light and grace.  Prerequisites: None         Seminar Details

Ignite Your Spirit 2
Building on Ignite Your Spirit 1, learn more about meditation, the expansion of your consciousness and your own energy anatomy. Learn how to avoid taking on other people’s negativity, fear and limitations. Prerequisite: Ignite Your Spirit 1     Seminar Details

Empowering Relationships 1
Being empowered to have great relationships is an important key to a fulfilling life. Learn about your 8 core needs and how to beat co-dependence. Experience an amazing relationship healing meditation that you can practice any time. Prerequisite: None Seminar Details

Empowering Relationships 2
Practical and inspiring, this seminar help you let go of old wounds, heal the past and get your energy into present time and attain peace and happiness even in challenging relationships. Prerequisite: Empowering Relationships 1   Seminar Details


Stage Two – A Brighter Future

Yoga of the Mind
Yoga of the Mind builds on Ignite Your Spirit and helps us learn to still our minds, using specific techniques to erase negative thought patterns, fears and self-defeating beliefs and ideas. Astounding changes in consciousness frequently occur during the seminar, and life changes afterwards are often profound. Prerequisite: All Stage 1 seminars  Seminar Details

Dimensions of Wealth
In this seminar you will learn the art of Natural Manifesting. This is a method which aligns you with Universal design. Starting with the Divine dimension in which everything already exists in perfection, we look at the role our minds play in enabling or disempowering us from living a heavenly life on Earth. It is not enough to set a new affirmation for prosperity: the existing mental ‘dandruff’ that keeps us disempowered, often buried deep within, needs to be released for optimal manifesting ability. In this course, you will carry out self-assessment and receive activations for wealth creation, heal deep blocks to wealth and find an empowering way to use the mind to attract the life you desire. Prerequisite: Yoga of the Mind

Stage Three – Amazing Grace

Spiritual Mastery builds on all previous courses of this acclaimed program to show you the big picture and where you can work most strategically to ensure that your life experience is uplifted and transformed permanently.

Spiritual Mastery 1
Learn the rules of the game of Life! The twelve spiritual laws are part of the fabric of creation itself. We cannot avoid them, so we need to learn to understand and embrace them. When you start to work with the Laws of the Universe, the Universe starts to work with you and then anything is possible. Prerequisite: All previous Path of Ease and Grace courses.

Spiritual Mastery 2
This seminar explores the 12 hallmarks of Spiritual Masters, with practical examples to help you understand and align with what will bring you the greatest positive and successful changes in your life. You will learn practices to support each hallmark to transform your experience of life. Prerequisite: Stage 1 and 2 courses, and Spiritual Mastery 1

Anchoring Heaven On Earth
You can do it! Life is what you make of it, and together we can co-create a more enlightened way of living. The Kingdom of Heaven can be found during this life when we access the riches of the 12 Mansions of the Soul. Find your spiritual wealth and anchor a vibrant, fulfilling and inspiring future. As you progress on your evolutionary journey, the power of the miraculous makes itself known through you. Calling on the power of your soul and the stillness of your essence you will learn how to coalesce the magnetic power of the soul known to the ancient seers. We enter into the flow of grace and bring together everything we have so far learned on the Path of Ease and Grace. Prerequisite: Spiritual Mastery 2