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The 3 Gunas: Satva | Rajas | Tamas

In Ayurvedic philosophy, all of creation was developed based on 3 core principles being the laws of: creation, maintenance or organisation and destruction.In other words, everything in life is born, lives and dies. This is the cycle of life for all humans, animals, our planet, the stars, galaxies, the universe and beyond.These 3 principles or laws are also called the 3 Gunas (tendencies):Satva: purity, essence, space - this is the source of illumination, Divine intelligence, creativity and compassion.Rajas: activity, motion - this has the power to activate, motivate and inspire us to eat, work and play.Tamas: inertia, motionless - this is the source of resistance, obstructions and obstacles which are equally as important as Rajas.These are common terms amongst yogis...

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