Daring to be Different to find true love

What makes us attractive? If we knew that we would have bottled it by now right?

The reason we haven't been able to put a finger on the 'attraction factor' is because its different for everyone. Its not one size attracts all. But, so many of us get stuck in 'trying to fit in' - to other people's expectations, models, ideas of who we are.

It’s time to embrace our inner kookiness, our authentic uniqueness, and let it out to play. This not only makes us a more interesting person, but it makes us so much more attractive from the inside out.

We can get stuck in the groove of believing that if we give away the keys to our heart, toe the line, be a good follower, do what others tell us to do, then we will be liked and accepted. But there is nothing further from the truth.

When we deny our authentic Self, all of the colour, beauty and radiance in our heart slowly starts to drain away. Over time, we become bland, un-inspired and eventually we lose the joy and sparkle of life. We begin to become distant from our Self and in relation to each other. The distinctive shape of our heart becomes distorted.

There is no better time than now, to embrace your unique qualities. Being different isn’t bizarre. It’s natural. No two people are the same. Begin with re-discovering and befriending your inner quirkiness, your originality. These are the qualities that make you special and attractive.

"Did you know that you are a limited edition"

As a limited edition, it takes a particular set of keys to access the full beauty of our heart. And yet, sometimes we can forget this. We allow others to use ill fitting keys to try to force open our heart. Sometimes, we are careless about locking the doorway to our heart, and let anyone in and rummage around in there. We can unconsciously abandon our Self in favour of others.

We stop showing up in our own life and in the lives of those around us. We pander to the will of others. We allow their needs to become more important than our own. Pretty soon, we become less and less our authentic, unique selves, living increasingly on auto-pilot, pre-programmed to people please. This leads to inertia and dullness in our relationships and a closing down of our heart.

When we embrace our authentic Self as our own best friend, we attract new friendships and romances that run much deeper than the surface of the skin. When we allow our uniqueness to shine through into our relationships, we begin to really show up in our own life and the lives of those around us. We add into the mix that little sprinkling of spice. We begin to create dazzling choices based on our unique tastes.

When we dare to be different, we come to a deeper sense of self worth, self appreciation and self love. With these inner qualities shining through our relationships, we become like attraction beams, magnetic to those around us and all the things we dream of. We become light on our toes and flow easily with the winds of change, and even beckon change towards us confidently and excitedly.

I teach practical tools and mindfulness techniques to help you find the right keys for your distinctive heart, to live more authentically, happily, free and joyfully and attract these kinds of relationships into your life.

If you would like to stop pretending and start attracting the right type of love into your life, then contact me today to book your free 30 minute discovery dialogue and find out how.

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