Are you looking for love in all the wrong places?


Are you looking for love in all the wrong places?

Here's where you will never find the love you are yearning for: in alcohol; in trying to impress someone by being anything but your true self; in trying to make a square relationship fit into a round peg; in working longer and harder than everyone else just to feel equal to them; in trying to hang on to a relationship that has long since past its sell by date; in a big house a flash car or a ridiculously expensive pair of shoes; over giving and over pleasing others in your life; on dating APPs Facebook or your IPhone, Ipad, tablets, screens!!

So many of us continue to use these old habits and entrenched patterns in their lives expecting to get a different result. The reason you will not get it, and will not attract the relationship you so desperately seek, is because you are looking in all the wrong places.

In my work with individuals to empower their relationships, I have discovered the following common traits in people who are unsuccessful in love and relationships:

- lack of self worth

- lack of self respect and approval

- not aware of how to identify and meet own needs

- lack of self care

- lack of self awareness

- history of emotional neglect or abandonment

- acceptance of poor/abusive/ controlling relationships

I was one of these people! In my own journey of transformation, I discovered a distinct lack of self worth at my very core. The good news is that I healed this and I now support others to do the same with rapid transformational results.

When we outsource our need for love it is literally soul destroying. The only true love that we are all seeking is the eternal connection to our own heart - to a real deep unequivocal sense of self worth, approval, respect and acceptance for who we are when we are at home and nobody is watching us. Get to that place, deep inside, and all the love you ever dreamed of will be there waiting for you. I guarantee it.

In my seminars and one on one coaching sessions, I teach the key steps to mastery of self love, how to stand up and speak your truth, how to be confident in your own skin, and how to drop the act and step out of power games in relationships into your blazing wonderful creative truth. This then opens the doorway to the greatest love of all, self love. When we truly discover this, we stand in our fullest power potential. Then our relationships literally transform before our very eyes.

Contact me today to discover how you can step into the greatest love of all, the love that is deep inside of you, to attract the external love of your life.


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