Top 3 Tips for crystal clarity on your life direction

What’s the matter? Yes I am asking you? What is the matter with your life right now?

 What things are just right out bothering you? And more importantly, what, out of these things are you ignoring, pushing under the carpet, not ready to look at?

 You see, in life, we can often get caught up in other people’s agendas, ideas, beliefs, wants and desires. We can forget about ourselves. We often abandon our own needs for the sake of others. Perhaps we do this to keep the peace, or because we don't want to rock the boat. Or, perhaps we have just done it for so long that we have long forgotten about our self and our own needs and just gone along for the ride in life. Let life take us where it wanted.

This certainly happened to me for many years. I became increasingly unhappy, unfulfilled and isolated. The funny thing was, I didn't even realise how far from self I had drifted. I simply felt alone and lost.

Getting to the heart of the matter, whatever it is that is the matter with your life, back to the peace and comfort of your own authentic, genuine, lovable self is easy when you have a clear strategy. Then you can discover your true calling in life, real love, abundance, happiness and joy.

Here’s my 3 top tips for getting to the heart of what matters in your life:

#Step 1: PAUSE! Look up and smell the roses. Too often we get bogged down with our responsibilities of work, family and even social commitments. There is a big wide world out there, full of colour and vibrancy. Take time out this week to simply stop the world, get off and reconnect to yourself. All the answers you need come from self reflection but often we get caught in "busyness' and forget to practice this.

#Step 2: LOOK: Make a list of the things you are doing in your life, or the relationships that you have, that are draining or exhausting or waste your precious time. Then decide if these are absolutely necessary for you to continue with, or can you let some of them go.

# Step 3: ACT: From your list, draw a line through the worst offenders and make a commitment to yourself right here and now to take your power back and no longer spend your valuable time and energy on them. Here is a mantra to help you: “I choose to fully honour myself and call forth all the people and opportunities into my life that bring me fulfillment, joy and happiness”.

Practice these daily and watch the results miraculously unfold.

With love



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