Top 10 "Must Buy Organic" Foods

My top 10 "must buy" organic Foods include:

  1. Any Meat
  2. Any Dairy
  3. Celery
  4. Peaches
  5. Apples
  6. Blueberries
  7. Nectarines
  8. Strawberries
  9. Kale
  10. Potatoes


These foods are laden with pesticides that are toxic to the body. For instance, the foods listed in the above top 10 are contaminated with organo-phosphates that are toxic to the nervous system.

Pesticides are also found in tap water so its important to get a decent water filter. The EWG (see below) found 65 different pesticides in water samples in the US!!

More Info

See the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Dirty Dozen list of fruits and vegetables with the most pesticide residue.

This Shoppers Guide list is regularly updated at

What to do:

  • Dont panic!
  • Buy organic produce from the EWG’s top dirty dozen foods
  • Get a water filter


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