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Daily Downtime - the secret to absolute mental and physical health

DAILY DOWNTIME ~ the secret to absolute mental & physical health              A Daily Routine for Total Health An excerpt from the 'Astanga Hridaya Sutrasthan'Having trained in Ayurvedic Medicine many years ago, I am excitedly embarking on a deeper journey into the physical science of life by studying the original sacred Ayurvedic Medical Text - the "Astanga Hridaya Sutrasthan".The Astanga Hridaya was written by a Buddhist physician named Vagbhata approx 500-600 AD combining Indian and Tibetan medical literature. Its totally encapsulating!! I will be sharing my deeper learning and revelations over the coming weeks. Stay tuned to receive these ancient secrets to a healthy, vital, robust, dynamic, prosperous life. Today's share comes from Chapter 2...

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