Medicate or Educate: the cure for all illness and disease

This post is taken from Chapter 1 of the Astanga Hridaya ancient Ayurvedic Medical text.  It sets the tone for living life happily and healthily.

 Chapter 1: Ayushkameeya आयुकामीयं Adhyaya
“Desire for long life”

रागाद रोगान ् सततानुषतान ्शेषकायसतृ ानशेषानऔ् सुयमोहारतदाजघान  यो अपूववैयाय नमो अतु तमै (original Sanskrit text)

(English translation) "Salutations to The Unique and Rare Physician, who has destroyed, without any residue all the diseases like Raga (lust, anger, greed, arrogance, jealousy, selfishness, ego), which are constantly associated with the body, which is spread all over the body, giving rise to disease, delusion and restlessness." (This salutation is done to Lord Dhanwantari)

This is the second part in my series on the original sacred Ayurvedic Medical Text - the "Astanga Hridaya Sutrasthan".

The Astanga Hridaya was written by a Buddhist physician named Vagbhata approx 500-600 AD combining Indian and Tibetan medical literature. Although written some 2000 years ago, its application to our modern day world is astounding.

all disease of the body or mind is an indicator, a pointer, for self transformation!'

The teaching from this Chapter is essentially, if you choose to medicate, you miss the potential to upgrade your life and you remain at the mercy of your illness. By choosing mindfulness regarding your illness or disease, your cure is at hand.

The AH is essentially a textbook (one of the oldest in the world) that trains you in the secrets to miraculous health.

'The process of pain, discomfort, disease is not the end. It is simply the beginning of your transformation process.'

You might wonder how this could be. Let me explain.

Imagine you were going about your life, and its all going pretty well. You may not be the most well off, or the happiest, but you're doing okay. You are 'comfortable'. Would you then be in any way interested in self development? In searching for a deeper understanding of how your mind and body work together and why you are here? ......Absolutely not!

With dis-ease, pain, discomfort, you are forced to go in search of a remedy, treatment, a cure. At the very least, some answers. 

I take my own classic example here. My own physical illness was the precursor that led me to make a shift in my life from being a successful, high achieving corporate lawyer to a natural healer and mindful life and business coach.

As a corporate lawyer, I was incredibly stressed and suffered from severe food intolerances and digestive problems. My GP labelled me with irritable bowel syndrome and told me there was no cure. That simply was not acceptable to me. So, I looked for alternatives.

In my search I came across nutritionists, healers, psychics, yogis, meditators, acupuncturists. You name it, I tried it! It was not until I stumbled upon Ayurvedic Medicine, that my cure came, and incredibly rapidly too! 

I took an introductory course in Ayurveda and within 3 months I cured myself with only a change of diet and the right type of exercise and lifestyle. No pills. No surgery. No more GP's. And all the wheat and gluten I desired to eat!! It was miraculous and yet so simple a cure.

I quickly realised that my 5 natural elements - ether, air, fire, earth and water - had been out of balance for years. I had too little fire to cook or digest my food. My work and lifestyle at the time were both fire depleting. They served to make the situation worse.

By fixing my fire element, choosing the right foods and daily practices, I balanced my elements and my digestive power returned naturally. I went from existing on boiled rice and chicken to eating anything I wanted with no ill effects.

 'all disease of the body is a secondary indicator or pointer to a difficulty with the mind'

The second aspect of this Chapter looks at the way in which the body is simply a mirror for what is going on in the mind. When the mind collapses, the body follows suit. When the mind or beliefs are rigid, the body thus becomes stiff, rigid and congested. When the mind is stressed, the body becomes stressed. When we allow our mind to attach a negative spin on emotions that do not feel so good, then the body will be adversely affected.

In my career, I never enjoyed my work as a lawyer even though I became incredibly successful at it. I struggled to align my own personal values with the work I did as a lawyer. That is not to judge lawyers at all. But for me personally, I was in the wrong job and this weighed heavily on my mind every day I stepped into the office. It just wasn't the right fit for me personally.

These days, I feel blessed because my passion is my profession and I have a vocation that never feels like a days work. It is a true joy for me.

There is a direct link between our emotional, mental, psychological concerns, and physical disease. Every concern of the mind is matched by a debilitation in its equivalent function in the body.

There are 9 stages to every disease. Stage 1 is the mind imbalance. As this is left to set in like rot, it progresses through the other stages. Stage 9 is the long term illness that has manifested in the body. The holistic approach to curing disease is therefore twofold:

1. fix the body (with medicinal herbs, acupuncture, massage, nutrition, and even surgery if necessary) (Ayurvedic Holistic Medicine)

2. upgrade the mental processes that caused the physical imbalance (Mindfulness Coaching)

That is where I come in. I am trained in both of physical healing and mental processor healing pathways.

I utilise Ayurvedic medicine to fix your physical body symptoms. I then apply Mindfulness Coaching to assist you to upgrade your mental processes that limit you, hold you back, keep you stuck in old thought patterns that no longer serve you.

Not that long ago, we were listening to music on cassette players. Today, we are even phasing out CDs. Everything is streamed. That's how fast paced life has become. And yet, most of us are wandering around with yester-years beliefs and programs. No wonder sickness is on the rise.

It is truly incredible to consider that these teachings were written over 200 years ago. Compare this to the current upsurge in self transformation and conscious mindful business or life coaching. There is a plethora of coaching 'gurus' and celebrities ranging from Oprah Winfrey to Tony Robbins to Brad Sugars. All talking of 'the secret' to success. Could it be that our lost wisdom is returning to us?

I offer individualised health and wellness packages in person in Sydney and online via Skype anywhere in the world.

You need not suffer in pain any longer. Medication is not the cure. It only serves to block out the symptoms temporarily. Pretty soon you will be on a cocktail of drugs for the rest of your life with your health slowly dwindling to a shadow of your self. Choose to educate yourself and liberate yourself into complete health and wellbeing.

Contact me here and let's get you started on the road to a miraculous recovery.

I look forward to working with you and helping you transform your life into one you love.


Anjani xx















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