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UK Ayurvedic Masterclass ~ get into Ayurveda for beginners !


Im running the following programme at a wonderful new Healing Centre in Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK on Sunday 24th June. The healing centre is an amazing new clinic called Chrysalis Wellbeing:  


Check out the details below. By Appointment Only ~ For all Bookings contact Chrysalis direct. Hurry up limited spaces and theyre filling fast !! 


I am also available in York, Sheffield and London for the whole month of June for consultations and energy healings ~ contact me direct by email for all bookings:


About the Presentation

Part 1 – Talking your body’s language!

Are you skinny as a rake or heavy-set? Fiery or airy fairy? Ambitious and headstrong or slow paced & easy going? Your unique body type influences all aspects of your mind, body & emotions; reactions towards stress, other people, food, your boss & work colleagues, your partner, even the weather. By getting to know you and your unique body type, you can adjust your diet & lifestyle and improve your relationships to restore harmony & balance and reclaim your health, happiness & well-being in all aspects of your life.


Part 2 – Eating for your Body Type

In this presentation, Ayurvedic Health & Lifestyle Consultant and Energy Healer, Anjani will demystify modern misconceptions around food & diets and explain:

  • how to eat for your body type
  • how your digestive fire is vital for prevention of disease
  • one diet does not fit all” – what foods match your unique body type
  • how to beat sugar cravings & hunger pangs for long term weight management
  • how to boost your energy levels, increase stamina, improve your sleep & sex life, build your immune system and much more!!

Before the session, you can complete the free questionnaire on this blogsite to help you determine your body type. The questions cover eating habits, physical characteristics, personality traits and behaviour patterns.


 Go on something a little bit different ! 


Anjani xx




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