Mastering Endings ~ for a concious peaceful life

As we approach the end of another year, it is a great opportunity to carry out a mindful stocktake of your life's wins and losses. It is a time to let go of anything that will hold you back in the forthcoming new year to greater accomplishments, deeper awareness and peace.

For me personally, it is almost a year to the day that my beloved older brother left his physical body and re-emerged into the oneness.

I have spent the month of October reflecting upon his life and his legacy: a miracle healing from cancer at the age of 9; and in his latter years his keen interest in philosophical and spiritual studies. In his last years, he even began spontaneously healing family members. He cured a number of chronic physical illnesses. He had no training whatsoever.

From my own studies in spirituality and metaphysics, it is my understanding that our soul presence moves closer when our physical life is coming to an end. The thin veil of obscurity between our physical life and our non physical eternal soul is lifted. I certainly witnessed this with my brother.

When we lose someone special to our hearts, we gain greater clarity around what is meaningful to us in our lives. We more easily discern that which is truly important and we sweat the small stuff a lot less. When faced with our own mortality, we are more likely to get on with our bucket list, initiate our dreams, be a little bit braver, take a few more risks.

With every ending comes a new dawn. A new beginning. It is not the ending that causes our suffering but our emotional attachment to our perceived loss.

To master endings of any kind requires us to change our perspective. Rather than lamenting what is lost, choose to be open to rediscovering life without the emotional pain of the past.

Whether your stocktake finds you have losses in the areas of love, finances, projects, friendships or loved ones, know that you can chose to find the lesson in it. To discover what the loss brought to you. A deeper understanding or respect for someone, an opportunity to practice forgiveness, a chance to better manage your life. A chance to correct your course, to stay on the right path.

With every loss comes an opportunity for deeper self discovery. The pain we live through grows our internal resilience, strength, focus and courage.

When we can let go of the pain of the past, practice forgiveness, take the life lessons and be open to new opportunities, we begin to step into a more meaningful life. We can find deep peace and liberation through the depths of sorrow and grief of any form of ending. We can carve a new pathway to deeper peace regardless of life's losses.

Mindful Practice to Master Endings:

1. Honour that which leaves your life

2. Look for the lessons learned through the experience of loss

3. Let go of that which you cling to from fear, judgements &  blame 

4. Embrace new opportunities like there's no tomorrow.

With Love





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