Daily Downtime - the secret to absolute mental and physical health

DAILY DOWNTIME ~ the secret to absolute mental & physical health 







A Daily Routine for Total Health
An excerpt from the 'Astanga Hridaya Sutrasthan'

Having trained in Ayurvedic Medicine many years ago, I am excitedly embarking on a deeper journey into the physical science of life by studying the original sacred Ayurvedic Medical Text -
the "Astanga Hridaya Sutrasthan".

The Astanga Hridaya was written by a Buddhist physician named Vagbhata approx 500-600 AD combining Indian and Tibetan medical literature. Its totally encapsulating!!

I will be sharing my deeper learning and revelations over the coming weeks. Stay tuned to receive these ancient secrets to a healthy, vital, robust, dynamic, prosperous life.

Today's share comes from Chapter 2 of the AH Text. It looks at the ideal daily routine for absolute health and well being.

यायामजागरावहायभायाद साहसम ्
गज ं सहं ं इवाकषन ् भजनातवनयत
Those who indulge in too much of exercise daily, who keep themselves awake till late nights,
regularly, who walk long distances regularly, who indulge in excessive sexual activities, too
much of laughing, speaking, and such other strenuous activities, will perish, just as a lion perishes
after vanquishing an elephant.

This quote reveals illuminating wisdom about how overindulgence, in anything, saps our life force and drains our vitality. When we engage in any form of excess (even speaking and laughing) without including any downtime in our life, then our life force will perish as a result. I particularly love the end of the quote. Yes of course it is a warning. But the deeper meaning is hidden in the word 'Lion'.

You see, when we are doing anything to excess, be it work, pleasure, drink, talking, travelling, shopping etc, we can sometimes get caught in the feeling of euphoria that comes from this. We can sometimes feel like the lion with super human strength. However, if any type of overindulgence is continued, then over the years our bodies become increasingly drained of vital life force (prana) and our body and mind deteriorates at a rate that is compounded.

I see this time and again in my clinic with patients that come to see me with poor libido, lack of energy, inability to sleep, lack of inspiration, lack of creativity, a wasting or depletion of the body, poor digestion, allergies etc. And they are taking pills to sleep, to wake up, to reduce acid reflux, to stop allergies. The pills simply add to the stress and strain on the body that now has to process the pills as well as the daily stresses that are already too overwhelming!

"Daily Downtime"

The cure is taking daily downtime.

Take time out 'daily' to sit and meditate to still and calm the mind. If you want your body and mind to remain resilient and brimming with vitality, you MUST have "Daily Downtime". This allows your body and mind to take stock, rest and then DIGEST the data (everything you see, hear, taste, smell, and touch). You only need to do this for 10 to 15 mins per day.

Sounds too simple to engage with? Think you are already doing this? The difference between knowing this and actually engaging with this practice daily will radically change your life and transform your health.

Your weekly challenge

Engage in a "Daily Downtime" practice of 10 - 15 mins every day for the next 7 days.Take time out to be still. Sit in a quiet comfortable place where you are unlikely to be disturbed. Preferably in nature/on grass/near a tree. Close your eyes and tune into your breathing. Notice if the breath is coming from the chest or belly without trying to change it. Then slowly begin to relax all tension in your physical body using the outward breath. Relax the jaw. Relax the belly. Relax the shoulders. Un-scrunch the brain. Relax the eyes. As you soften the belly, invite the outward breath to descend into the belly. This sends strong signals to the mind and nervous system that you are safe and can rest and digest. Then spend a few moments focussing only on the inward and outward breath. Keep bringing the mind back to the breath when it wanders away. Finish by sending loving thoughts to yourself and the people and situations in your life and having gratitude for being alive.

Be sure to dig in and do this especially on the days when you get REALLY busy. That is the time to really engage with this practice. You will stay focused, sharp and primed ready to go afterwards.

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Blessings of good health and wellness


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