Do you want to take back your power over your health & general wellbeing?

Are you stressed, lacking energy and in need of a physical overhaul from the ground upwards? 

Do you need find more balance in your work and home life?

Are you looking for an empowering life change but don't know where to start?


I guess we all want this to some degree or other. The trouble is finding the time and motivation to do this in an already busy daily life. This is where I can help. Think of me as your personal health & wellness life coach all rolled into one. Now imagine for a moment that you decided to run a marathon... or lets say a half marathon not to get too excited!.  You wouldn't expect to be able to step out on your first day in your brand new trainers and run the entire length of the way would you. Well you can apply the same principle to adopting any new lifestyle routine. It takes the brain and the body a few goes to get it firmly embedded as a natural way of being.

Here's how I can help.......

Health & Wellbeing Clinic

In person: 

I offer Energetic Healings and Ayurvedic Health & Wellness Consultations from my clinic in Double Bay, Sydney.


I offer energetic healings and wellness consultations anywhere in the world via Skype or Google Hangouts.

Contact me direct for all bookings:

m: +61 423 550 668

email: anjani.venusia@gmail.com

Personalised Consultations | Massage, Oil and Body Therapies

“Learn how to use your natural body wisdom to promote organic self-healing”

Initiate Ayurveda therapies have been designed to work in harmony with the body’s natural rhythms to heal, cleanse, relax and revitalize Initiate Ayurveda consultations use ancient wisdoms applied to Modern life for a complete holistic health and wellness overhaul Initial consultations involve a comprehensive health, diet & lifestyle assessment including pulse & tongue analysis.

I specialise in:

~ personalised nutritional/weight management plans

~ digestive disorders

~ pregnancy, menopause, fertility

~ body type (dosha) balancing

~ achievement of personal goals

~ transformations in healthy lifestyle routines

~ relationship & career guidance

~ energy healing of physical and emotional issues/traumas


All consultations are tailored to your unique body type (dosha)

Health & Wellbeing Corporate and Workplace Seminars


I can come to your workplace offering informative interactive Seminars on a rich and varied topics. Here's a list of seminars I have given to Sydney companies:


~ Identifying your unique Dosha (body type) - to optimise your health, emotional wellbeing, career, and relationships


~ A general introduction to the 'Ayurvedic Science of Living' your best life'- learn all about Ayurveda the ancient at of self healing using your body's unique inbuilt intelligence. Learn to talk your body's language


~ Food For Your Doshas - what to eat for your body type and how to manage your weight without dieting!


~ Mastering Stress ~ how to overcome any form of stress be it relationship, work or health related with simple meditation, breathing and daily practices


~ Relationship Masterclass  ~ understanding the interplay of the 3 doshas (body types) as the key to mastering communication and interaction with all personality types






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