Awakening to the Power of Love

Awakening to the Power of Love

Many years ago, I had a difficult time letting love into my life. I found it hard to trust anyone. I had witnessed violence in my family home from a young age. I left home as soon as I was legally able, to make a new life with a much older man.

I guess thought that if I left the environment that was painful to me, then life would improve. And it did. For a while. Then the pain crept back in. Slowly but surely. My relationship turned out to also be toxic. I was extremely unhappy at work and at home. I was even miserable in my own company. But I couldn't figure out why. 

Many years later I decided to move to the other side of the world, to start a new life. I thought that would fix it. But you see, what I didn't realise was that I took 'me' with me. And it was 'me' that was the source of my pain.

It doesn't matter where we are living, who we are with, and what we are 'doing' in life, if we are not loving respecting appreciating and honouring ourself nothing changes. To do this takes commitment. It takes practice. It takes effort and application on a daily basis.

If we do not mend the pain and suffering in our heart, that our heart has had to bear and witness, then it remains closed. Closed not only to pain, but also to new love, joy and hopefulness.

I vividly recall the very first time I had an experience of universal love. The form of love that is beyond the nature of personal love between 2 people. It was at a satsang (a gathering of soul seekers exploring universal truth). I was cajoled there by a friend. I wasn't too keen to get all happy clappy or hippy dippy with a bunch of strangers, but I had witnessed my friend transform her life from the desperation of some serious addictions. I guess my intrigue got the better of me.

Whilst my mind really didn't understand what was going on at this 'satsang', and I certainly was not going to join in on the singing, a strange thing happened. I started to cry. I mean really loudly and uncontrollably weep. I didn't know why I was crying, or what was going on to be honest. But I felt safe and held and most importantly not judged while this was going on.  

I went back a few more times, and each time the same thing. I shed oceans of tears. It was like a dam that had finally burst its banks and the gates were open. 

A few months later I realised that the process of being in a room filled with a common intent to open the heart had that exact effect upon me. My heart was literally opening, and cascading out was all of the suppressed pain, anger, frustration, fear and grief that I had stuffed down during my life.

From that day, I realised there was way more to life than what my 5 senses could pick up. There was something of a more universal nature that connects us all together, and I began my journey in earnest to find out more and get some of it for myself.

I now have wonderful supportive relationships. I truly mastered the art of trust. I am also able to have compassion for those whose hearts are still burdened with the harshness of life. Compassion and forgiveness are wonderful virtues to live into for awakening the power of love to self empowerment and happy relationships.

My days are now spent as an intuitive, speaking, presenting, teaching, coaching and mentoring others onto their path of self love, self worth and self liberation. The transformations in the people I have worked with over the years are way beyond any gift of money or personal love anyone could offer. To see people shift and heal the deepest of wounds of the past, uncertainty, feelings of isolation, pain and physical ill health to joy, health and happiness is an incredible privilege that fills my heart on a daily basis.

I now offer life and business coaching, natural healing and holistic health and well-being seminars, one to one private sessions and present at corporate events, sharing my knowledge and experience. I guide people back to their own personal power for self healing, well-being, and success.

Here are my top 3 tips to awaken the power of love in your life

1.Give it out: if we give what we want to receive, this puts us into the flow. A great practice is to imagine you can send a loving smile from your heart to the heart of people passing you by in the street.

2. Forgive: if we hold onto grudges, then we are simply closing our heart down to receiving love and support. Forgiveness is key to unlocking the pain in our heart and letting love in. Try with forgiving something small until you get the hang of it. Perhaps forgiving someone who gets angry at you in traffic, or forgiving yourself when you make a mistake.

3.Serve: service is a formidable practice for opening the heart. To offer selfless service to others from a place of joy without expecting anything in return. Selfless service also balances and harmonises our karma (the universal law of cause and effect) so you are the one that benefits most.

So, are you ready to make 2017 the year that you let love in and transform your life?

If so, then I highly recommend you trying out my 3 top tips in your daily life. For more personalised guidance and support, be sure to book in for a private session with me or jump onto one of the many seminars or retreats that I am offering this year.

May you be blessed, and may your soul's journey be filled with light, wisdom, grace and, of course, infinite love.

I look forward to going deeper with you on your unique journey and assisting you to master your life and anchor your dreams into reality.

With love,



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